E3 Prediction time again: Epic win or Epic fail?

So, E3 is done, and I’ve written three different pieces about what would happen at E3. Let’s take a Look what became true, and what didn’t:


  • 3DS launch in October for 250€ Epic FAIL (No date, no price, sad face…)
  • Around 35 launch titles WIN? (They certainly do have a lot of launch titles…)
  • No Hardware specs will be given, like with the Wii Epic WIN
  • Kid Icarus title Epic WIN (Well, after having predicted that one for the fifth time in a row, it was bound to happen sooner or later?)
  • No major franchise as launch title, but original IP Epic FAIL (Well, bummer, Kid Icarus is the launch title of the 3DS)
  • Zelda and Pikmin coming this year, further detailed Epic FAIL (Nope aaaaaaand…. we didn’t even get to see Pikmin 3, right?)
  • New Wii-Remote with integrated Wii-Motion plus Epic FAIL (I thought it was a good idea. Nintendon’t)
  • Details for vitality sensor Epic FAIL (Absent from the show. Nobody missed it)
  • Wii Fit 2 Epic FAIL (No Fitness for you, look elsewhere!)


  • Project Natal Blowout: several new games specifically created for the add-on will be shown Epic WIN (Well, that one was easy…)
  • Project Natal will hit in November, single unit priced at 60€, with Xbox 360 for 250€ WIN? (Nailed the Date, Price unknown)
  • Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 further detailed Epic WIN (Well… of course!)
  • Redesigned Xbox 360 in correspondance to the release of Project Natal Epic WIN (Bingo!)
  • New Dashboard Update announced WIN? (Not directly, but a new variant was shown with Kinect, so YES!)


  • Move will be the focus of the Show Epic WIN (Unfortunately, Yes!)
  • PSN „Gold“ (monthly fee) will be announced, with voice chat and a selection of games downloadable for free per month! Epic WIN (Right on the money…)
  • Price Cut for PS3 and PSP Epic FAIL (Nope…)
  • New PSP Epic FAIL (Has anybody seen something for the PSP on the show floor anyway?)
  • Download service for PS2 titles will be added Epic FAIL (It would have been awesome, that’s for sure…)

So, what do we learn? That I suck at doing predictions, apparently… Out of 19 predictions I got only 7 right, 3 ok and 9 wrong… pretty terrible… oh well, we’ll see again in a year or so…

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2 Comments on “E3 Prediction time again: Epic win or Epic fail?”

  1. lamecast Says:

    I think we did pretty well considering we’re two nerds spouting nonsense from a basement.

  2. MD Says:

    epic and win dont really fit together too well.. :3

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